Santiago - NINAKURU



Conceived with love and born in nature, our organic agave bags are made in heartfelt collaboration with our beloved team of female weavers located in the majestic canopies of the Andean highlands. 

Bags are woven from agave fibers and hand-dyed using natural botanicals harvested from surrounding forests.  We only harvest what we need and produce in small lots, to avoid waste. The natural fibers used to weave these bags are incredibly durable, offering you many years of continued use.  Each bag is finished with heavy duty saddle leather, hand-cast bronze hardware, and cotton canvas lining.  

We are committed to re-investing 100% of our profits earned from our agave bag sales, to ensure continued ethical work opportunities for this lovely community of women who are so close to our hearts.

  • Made from organic hand spun agave fiber
  • Botanically and organically hand dyed
  • Durable natural cotton canvas lining
  • Leather interior pocket
  • Leather straps in dark brown with bronze rivets
  • Sustainably harvested
  • Ethically produced
  • Measurements | 16″W x 14″L x 11″D | round bottom
  • Conceived with love | Born in nature