Ninakuru is a luxury milliner designing hats rooted in a rich heritage and reimagined with a refined aesthetic. We make wearable works of art for those who have a romance with life. For the lovers, the creatives and all the passionate ones who choose to weave beauty and quality into everything they do.

Translated from Quechua, the language of the Incan people, Ninakuru means “firefly”, reminding us that self-worth and true beauty radiate from within, and each of us has an inner glow worthy of being noticed. As a company, we recognize that success can only be realized by valuing and nurturing the potential, creativity and talents of others. By igniting the inner light that resides within all of us, we can make something truly extraordinary.

Our accessories are the culmination of a movement to redefine quality. We take the utmost care at every step of the process to honor every person, material and design decision that contributes to the end product. Because when we respect the creative process and treat people with dignity, an unparalleled level of detail and quality is realized which is not only masterful, but meaningful as well.

You can see this holistic quality in our tighter weaves. In the flawless surfaces of our cruelty-free felts. In the perfection of our slow stitch embroidery and the exquisite detailing of our unique finishes.

We meticulously curate the finest materials from around the world and utilize only those that meet our exceptional standards of quality, craftsmanship, sustainability and ethics. Our authentic Panama hats are made from sustainably sourced toquilla straw grown on the Ecuadorian coast, and our felt hats are sourced from cruelty-free, 100% virgin, hand-sheared, Argentinian wool. Our hats are then hand-adorned in our design studio in Ojai, California with the finest vintage grosgrain ribbon, vegetable tanned leather, fine combed organic cotton, recycled silk, jute, hemp and foraged game feathers.

When you invest in a Ninakuru, you are not only investing in an heirloom-quality piece that will stand the test of time, you are investing in human goodness through a cycle of restorative relationships built on respect, dignified wages and self-worth.

At Ninakuru, we come together to share the joy of ethical luxury, to help you let your inner light shine, and to show the world what true beauty means.


Jennifer Moray is the American-Ecuadorian owner and designer of Ninakuru.  Jennifer has a special interest in advocating for women’s fair-trade collectives, cultivating restorative relationships with marginalized groups built on respect, dignified wages and self-worth.  Jennifer is recognized for creating collections with a discerning eye for tasteful, timeless designs founded in impeccable quality and meticulous details.

Ninakuru’s bespoke and ready-to-wear collections of hand-woven Panama hats, hand-shaped wool hats, and leather and straw handbags are curated for select boutiques in the US and Europe, attracting a sophisticated and mindful clientele who recognize and appreciate skilled craftsmanship and the associated artistic value and luxury it represents.

Ninakuru is located in Ojai, California.