Seraphina - NINAKURU



The Seraphina wool hat pays homage to our Andean cultural influences, where the colors worn are as bright as the Equatorial sun, invoking wonder, awe, and positivity.   The striking artisanal band is hand-loomed and wrapped with tan leather band and beads.  Paired with basics, it adds instant intrigue and color to your most unassuming looks.   Seraphina’s long brim offers optimal sun protection and style, and the raw cut edge on all our wool hat brims highlights the wool’s beautiful thickness for a minimalistic, clean finish.   Ethically sourced from 100% virgin wool, the Seraphina also makes an excellent addition to your hat wall or home decor.

  • Hand shaped
  • Cruelty free wool
  • Tan leather band with artisanal ribbon and variegated beads
  • Leather interior sweatband
  • Long brim | 8-9 cm
  • Crown height | 10 – 10.5 cm