Pebble Beach


Though toquilla straw is well known for its breathability and comfort, the Pebble Beach Panama hat offers additional breeziness with ample ventilated stitching around the crown’s circumference.   Abundant air flow is optimized with a roomy wide teardrop crown.

In comparison with our traditional fedora crowns, which are tapered towards the top, this style offers a wide teardrop shape, maintaining its crown width from the base of the brim to the top of the crown, similar to boater or flat hat crowns.  The Pebble Beach offers suburb sun protection, touting a long brim and fully covered crown.

  • Toquilla straw, sustainably harvested
  • Flat weave, semi-fine
  • Ventilated crown
  • Natural color, no dyes
  • Crown height | 10 cm
  • Brim length | 10 cm
  • Interior reinforcement added to crown tip (nose) to prevent cracks from excessive pinching
  • Exterior band | Grosgrain ribbon | Vegetable tanned leather with hand-stitched closure
  • Interior sweatband | cotton